How to Yahoo Image Search On Mobiles

Yahoo is quite a useful platform that provides varied facilities right with its enhanced mailing services. Yahoo is a center for many applications that may include games, news, forecasting etc. all of them are available to be used right on the yahoo mail account. When they get everything right on their yahoo platform they need not to switch to any other place online. Yahoo is useful platform for all its users and it is used so widely because it is user friendly still in case when user face problem using application over their yahoo platform they may obtain easy help from Yahoo Customer Care Number.

You have been tired of getting that old and traditional text as results in return to the search query. Even though you have been long getting enhanced results with your yahoo search platform but to make it more attractive and interesting yahoo has also enabled image search options. Yahoo image integration now return relevant results for the users searched query. Now yahoo is capable enough to return relevant results for the common terms searched. It is possible to find images and share it with other on yahoo now. As of now yahoo now connect to its famous image site Flickr community that works well to return results for creative common keywords. Flickr is collection of thousands of images and with this it is also equally capable of returning image results for search query.

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How this works :-

  1. Go to Yahoo! Image Search from your mobile phone.
  2. Type keyword for searching any query.
  3. To get results of photos which can be used further make sure to enable the “Labeled for Reuse” filter option which is available at the left corner. With this you will only see those photos which can be reuse.
  4. If you need results with details hover the cursor over the thumbnail and details about the photo will appear.
  5. For viewing full image click on any thumbnail.
  6. To see the specific Creative Commons license terms for the image, just click the “Attribution” link.
  7. If you want to see more photos by the same photographer, just click the “i” icon.

With this interesting app of yahoo it is possible to use image results right on your mobile phone. It is quite easy to use still if in case you need easy help you may obtain it from Yahoo Contact Number Uk.

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