You Know Advance Features of Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo is not merely restricted only to mail services. It provides enhanced applications for users as well. This includes the well known yahoo news, yahoo weather forecasting, yahoo games, yahoo trends and much more. To this yahoo also provide interesting yahoo messenger application to establish easy communication with friends online. Like other yahoo platform yahoo messenger is also easy to use but in case users need help to it he may obtain it from Yahoo Contact Number UK.

Yahoo MessengerYahoo! Messenger is commonly used as instant messaging services. It offers users with a wide range of excellent services and great features. It comes as integration with Yahoo! Mail.  To get into Yahoo! Messenger it is essential to have a Yahoo! account. It comes in an easy desktop installation app that is very easy to set up and it is also completely free. By integration yahoo messenger with your Yahoo! mail account a user may import all its contacts from email account. By integrating to other platform as well it rightly import contacts from a variety of other email service platform as well. By rightly integrating with Yahoo! Messenger need not to worry about the missed email because it also helps you receive a notification of a new email right in the messenger so that user doesn’t miss anything. With a yahoo messenger user may rightly connect with other social networking site like that with the yahoo mail and with this a yahoo messenger can even get social network notifications for you.

Yahoo! Messenger is Yahoo!’s instant messaging client that enables users to communicate with others. It allows user to send instant messages with the voice and video calls as well. Users can also utilize the service to call their friends online in any part of the world. The program also enables users to transfer files, send voicemails and text messages to cell phones, and listen to internet radio and more. It is good to know that Yahoo! Messenger is fully integrated with Yahoo! Mail that can be accessed from it directly. Yahoo! Messenger utilizes contacts from Yahoo! Mail and users of Yahoo! Messenger will be automatically notified when they receive an email on Yahoo! Mail. The user can also connect to face book with the yahoo messenger.

Yahoo is useful and so is its yahoo messenger services but in case user faces any problem with the yahoo messenger he may obtain easy help from Yahoo Contact Number  0800-098-8424.

Special Contacts Application of Yahoo Users

Yahoo UsersYahoo is a special platform that is a useful and a powerful platform for easy mail exchange. It is used worldwide by its millions of Yahoo users for trustworthy services. All the applications that are associated with yahoo are customer oriented and thus it has so many users attached to it. The best part of yahoo is that even if it is a helpful mail platform it accompanies several better applications for its users. To know about them stay connected to Yahoo technical support Number.

In Yahoo there are several applications linked to it. Some knows it and other does not know. Some are very easy to look, while others are difficult. Applications like address book and contacts are labeled and can be seen easily. They can be accessed from any screen. It is located in navigation tab and not on top column.

  • Find contacts: When you visit the top left corner of screen, you will find yahoo mail logo. Under that yahoo mail logo, you will find six tabs. These tabs are in order mail, contacts, calendar, notepad, messenger and news feed. You will get an icon of address book with people. This icon is for contacts tab. This is easily available when you roll your cursor over the icon. A pop-up contacts tab label will be visible. This is easy to access. When you click on the contacts tab, you will find that left navigation column along with middle of the screen turns to contact area.
  • Contact features: You can add new entries manually. If not, you can also import them from another electronic devices address book. You can record name, address, email address, phone details. Along with this, job details, employers name, birthday dates, URLs and notes can be recorded. If you want to email any recipient faster to some people, you can create list easily. Below the entry, it displays emails and photos received.
  • Faster access: The most amazing feature is that this address book can be accessed in just one step. This is a positive point, increasing its utility. Firstly, open contacts then click and drag the URL to browser’s bookmark bar. This will create a bookmark. Whenever you want to access the contact, just click on bookmark. It opens and switches from inbox to contact. This makes it easy to use and saves time. Hence, it is preferable.

With yahoo contacts keep in touch with your online yahoo contacts and if you need help to the same obtain it from contact yahoo UK by phone.